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IRC Help for the Beginner, IRC Commands -- learn what they are and how to do them. This is a list of all Internet Relay Chat commands from RFC , RFC , and extensions added to major IRC daemons. Most IRC clients require commands. Command, What it does, Example. /attach /server, Sign on to a server, /attach

Basic IRC Commands. IRC commands allow you to perform specific functions on IRC, such as maintaining control of a channel and the users on it. The following. 22 Jun All commands shown here are implemented by the core of the ircd, e.g. This command is used by your client to register your IRC session. #IRC Reference Terminates a "ghost" IRC session that's using your nickname. . And the /cs & /ChanServ command aliases work on .

A lot of IRC commands are transparently relayed to the server. However a large number are handled seperately to make it easier to use IRC. The handled. Quick Reference to IRC's Commands. If you need more info on any command listed here, type /help {command} in IRC. The list here is far from complete!. The /list command enables you to find only the channels with a certain number of members, a very useful feature on a network with hundreds of chat rooms.


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