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GDisk Norton Ghost , , and Symantec Ghost , 8.x include two versions of GDisk: and GDiskexe. GDiskexe is a 32 bit program that can be run from within a DOS virtual computer. Use this version when you want to run GDisk from within Windows. GDisk is a DOS command-line utility, , that includes all the features of FDisk and additional features. Everything you can do with FDisk you can do with GDisk. Partitions that are created with GDisk are indistinguishable from those that are created with FDisk. Because GDisk runs only in DOS, you cannot access. Nov 21, Hi. I downloaded gdisk32 from the site: that claims that this tool is freeware. Other sites claim that too. I tried this tool and it works very good. I could write a batchfile that restors a partition when it is damaged. If it is not freeware: Where can I legaly get it from?.

May 13, Hello,. I'm using SCCM R2 to deploy a TS that contain gdiskexe /DISK: ALL /diskwipe. This command fail with the error "cannot lock disk". The way I'm loading the ts is Boot to PXE and start the TS, so the system HDD isn't used. Why can't I lock the disk? My goal is to create a TS that will wipe all. Example: 1 /diskwipe /dodwipe. This command runs the DOS version of GDisk and wipes the first drive using the DoD standards. Sample Symantec wipe disk jobs ships with Deployment Solution and can be found in the Samples job folder. Hello -- I have numerous ghost files (*gho and *.pqi) files I would like to restore them -- I did see some post using the command ghostexe -- my guest that this is a win32 version of the old dos command which version of ghost included the win32 versions ghostexe and gdiskexe

GDisk Commands. Bill's Common Commands. Download GDisk. GDisk 1 /status; GDisk 1 /del /all deletes the whole disk; GDisk 1 /del /p:2 deletes partition 2; GDisk 1 /cre /pri /sz% /for /v:System create with full format OR; GDisk 1 /cre / pri /sz% /for /q /v:System create with quick format. Creating a partition. gdisk disk. ftp:// ftp:// ftp:// /disk1/spread_hk/trashbox/share/IT/Ghostv/Symantec Ghost v/ gdiskexe ftp:///Ghost/Ghost/gdiskexe. Jun 10, , Ghost Explorer used in Win32 environment. GhostExpexe, Ghost Explorer used in Win64 environment. , Server tool used to multi-client cloning in the LAN environment. , Partition and format tool used in DOS environment. Gdiskexe, Partition and format tool used.


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